Wednesday, August 03, 2005

About Security Behind Bars

There is more than 65,000 establishment’s serving alcohol (nightclubs, bars, restaurants) in the United States. With lawsuits reaching an all-time high, we have decided to address the problems in nightclub, bar, and restaurant security. Any mention of the words “nightclub” and “security” brings forth the image of the “bar room bouncer.” This image portrays a guy with an 18-inch neck and a shirt that is too small for his torso. He is usually extra large with a gladiator’s mind. His demeanor says, "kill or be killed," as he stands there, angry, mean, and tough. He is hired by owners who have long believed that the bigger the bouncer, the fewer the problems. But, let it be known that the owner’s thoughts of intimidate them at the door is archaic.
From the small town bars to the big city clubs, we have all seen bouncers. The question to be considered is: “do you feel any safer because the security person is 6' 2" and 250 pounds of muscle, has a goatee and is wearing a shirt that is too small than you would if he was 5'10, 200 pounds, wearing a collared shirt, and is clean cut?” As this manual will reveal, the traditional "bouncer" type is not necessary to enforce the rules and policies of your place of business. A well-trained Security person can be just as, if not more, effective NO MATTER WHAT THEIR SIZE OR LOOK! Security personnel with good communication skills and confidence will save the establishment a substantial amount of money and headache.
Let’s start off by considering how many highly intoxicated, or very angry people stop to think about how big the bouncer at the front door is. When a situation has escalated to a security level, the important battle is already lost. The security person can do no more than respond to a situation that has already disrupted a place of business. When the bouncer does respond to the situation, does he have the people skills and techniques that will resolve this situation without incident?
Some states, and many insurance carriers, require that nightclubs, bars, and restaurants have security. But, without the proper training, the actual benefit is illusory. The intention of the Security Behind Bars training video is to make sure that each employee knows the proper procedures for handling the most common problems inside and outside of the establishment.
Setting up proper security is often overlooked in many establishments that serve alcohol. Proper security should begin with the Owners, General Managers (GM), and Security Managers (SM) teaching the entire staff about the business aspect of the establishment. Most importantly, the staff should understand the policies and goals of the establishment. One of the most important, but most overlooked aspects of a successful business is implementing the proper policies. This basic philosophy of using policies and goals for your place of business, explains to all employees how the organization provides its services and goods. If your establishment doesn’t have a written policy, use this manual as a blueprint and implement it immediately.
Does your place of business clearly state their bylaws or written policies? Are your employees familiar with them, do they understand them, and most importantly, do they follow them? Most owners would probably answer “no.” Employees are working at your establishment for various reasons. The reasons may be financial, personal, and/or social. While these reasons are certainly legitimate, an employee who knows the overall goals of their employer is better able to assess their own function within the philosophy of the business, as well as work with the policies in mind. Employees need to know what is expected of them.
Your establishment’s written policy should inform employees that security is a serious business. Teaching your employees security procedures is paramount. Watching this video can only: 1) increase profits; 2) increase the longevity in the business; and 3) and give your employees confidence on how to properly conduct themselves in the entertainment industry. Teaching Security: Behind Bars will allow your employees to follow the policies safely and effectively.


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