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To establish a safe, confident, and efficient staff, the establishment must begin with the hiring process. The hiring personnel must tell the applicant what the nightclub/bar/restaurant’s written policies and goals are, and what is expected of them. It must be explained that it’s a fun job, but also a serious job as well.

When interviewing a possible Security employee, the first thing that should be established in the interview is a description of the job the applicant will be asked to perform and the manner in which your place of business demands that the job be conducted. In telling the applicant of the job and the manner it must be performed, the hiring personnel must mention the legal theory of ASSUMPTION OF RISK. Assumption of Risk is a legal theory that limits the liability applied to a person or establishment being sued because the person suing knew the risk involved in the activity being conducted. To advise the applicant, simply tell them that there is a possibility of being harassed (annoyed, alarmed, or struck) by a patron and inform them that, in your nightclub/bar/restaurant, this doesn't give them the right to strike the patron in retaliation. If security is aware of the possibility of physical incidents that could occur while working at the place of business, they will be more likely to knowingly “assume the risk.”
When interviewing a candidate to work Security, think first of where this person came from or who recommended them. Often you can use interviewing techniques to find the right person for the job. Such techniques can be used to the person applying for the Security job. Always look at references from their prior employment. This is a very good way to investigate a person’s work history.
A very good way of selecting candidates to work at your establishment is to patronize other nightclubs/bars/restaurants that are typical to yours, and observe the person working. If you are satisfied with this person's work habits, approach this person and ask them if they would be interested in working at your place of business on the nights they are not working at another nightclub/bar/restaurant. This is a very thorough means of hiring personnel and it saves you the trouble of hiring an incompetent security employee. **A formal interview and background check should still be conducted on this person.
The hiring process is where an establishment determines if it will be in business for a long time, or a New York minute. Negligent hiring can cost a nightclub/bar/restaurant millions of dollars. For the small amount of time and money you spend by conducting a background investigation, your place of business could be saving millions of dollars in a lawsuit.

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