Monday, September 05, 2005

Avoid Lawsuits - Definitions Continued

Avoid lawsuits against your bar or nightclub


These are a few legal definitions used in Federal legal system. Each state has their own definitions, but for instructional purposes we will use the Federal system. Each establishment should ALWAYS check with its own legal staff for important legal definitions that apply to this type of business.

Larceny (stealing)- the taking of property of another with the intent to permanently deprive the owner thereof.

Embezzlement- fraudulent taking of the property of another by one who is already in lawful possession.

Battery- unlawful application of force to the person of another which results in bodily harm or offensive touching.

Assault- a person, when acting with threatening conduct intended to cause reasonable apprehension of imminent harm to the victim.

False imprisonment- intending to confine the other or a third person within boundaries fixed by the actor, and his act directly or indirectly results in such a confinement of the other, and the other is conscious of the confinement or is harmed by it.

Trespass- whether or not the person causes any harm, he intentionally enters land in the possession of the other, remains on the land, or fails to remove themselves from the property in which their duty is to remove (their duty is to remove themselves from the premises).

Criminal Trespass- an offense committed by one who, without license or privilege to do so, enters or surreptitiously remains in any building or occupied structure.

Security- something that gives or assures safety; freedom from risk or danger; freedom from doubt, anxiety, or fear.

Bouncer- a brute employed to expel disorderly persons from a public place.

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